About Us

A Reputable Moving Company in San Mateo, CA

Founded in 1999

By a couple who had a vision of a different type of moving service. San Mateo Movers was created by the owners with a unique core of values and customized customer service. The most important values that San Mateo Movers offer to the customers are honesty, integrity, accountability, efficiency, and diligence, so the company takes into consideration the human part of the customers more than the customer's money. Based on those principles, San Mateo Movers has the best customer service with a result of 100% satisfaction guarantee.

San Mateo Movers

The owner's of San Mateo Movers say

Once they decided to make their idea of funding a moving company they took action to make their idea come true. After researching the requirements in City Hall of Redwood City, the next step was to file a request of fictitious business name, after that, the following step was to request the license and also go to San Francisco California to the office of CPUC (California Public Utility Commissioner) to find out how to get a moving home goods license, their requirements are many but the most important is to pass a test at CPUC. The test was long, but the pass result was like winning the Lottery.

We didn’t start to perform business until the PUC activated the license and all required insurances were also activated (Cargo, Liability, Worker Compensation), etc. Then the business started to run very smoothly.

San Mateo Movers has grown to be one of the few largest local and long-distance moving companies thanks to our loyal customers. Our movers work quickly, but they handle your belongings with care to ensure you're total satisfaction.

Our business started to grow very fast and here we are with a successful business and an excellent reputation in customer service in Yelp, which is very difficult to reach because of the competitive market in this area.

Note to our previous and future customers:

To all our customers we want to say thank you for letting us be your company for your moving needs.